Serving Centre County

Daily Emergency Assistance

Daily Emergency Assistance is at the very core of the services that The Salvation Army has been providing since its conception in 1865. Here's what it means in Centre County, PA. Families and individuals are provided with basic human services in crisis situations, such as housing and utility payments, lodging, occasional prescriptions, and emergency vouchers for food and gasoline. Each request is considered on a first come and individual needs basis. An interview is conducted and includes a detailed assessment, budget analysis, followed by client help recommendations. The clients are helped by referring to appropriate utility programs, and often, in collaboration with other non-profit benevolent organizations and churches. This is the heart of what The Salvation Army does everyday for those in need in Centre County.

Back-To-School Program

This annual program takes place in August. All of the children of pre-qualified families receive new backpacks, new clothing and new school supplies. This one day event begins with an early morning shopping trip for the children and their parents. Later that day, The Army is thrilled to be able to host a free carnival-like picnic for the families to enjoy while waiting to receive their backpack and school supplies. The picnic is highlighted by games, food and entertainment, all of which is dependent on a small army of dedicated volunteers and generous donations.

Angel Tree Program

Each holiday season hundreds of children and their families enjoy a wonderful Christmas because many local businesses, clubs, and churches host Angel Trees. These host organizations display a special tree decorated with angel tags, containing a local child’s first name and specific wish list. Local individuals from the community adopt a child’s tag, purchase the gifts, and then donate it to The Salvation Army. Next, with the help of many volunteers, the donated gifts are sorted and distributed to hundreds of children. Each child receives eight to twelve toys and articles of clothing.

All families served also receive a grocery voucher for a bountiful Christmas meal when participating in the Angel Tree Program

Emergency Disaster Services

When disaster strikes, The Salvation Army provides emergency support to first responders in Centre County. They train local volunteers throughout the year through instructional workshops, drills, and community exercises. These specialized volunteers assist Emergency Management Services, such as fire rescue, police, and other 911 responders, providing food, drinks and emotional/spiritual support from a mobile feeding unit or canteen. The Salvation Army in Centre County is privileged to operate its own canteen.

Ladore Camp & Conference Center

The Salvation Army of Centre County is affiliated with Ladore Camp & Conference Center - lodging and grounds owned and operated by the Eastern Division of The Salvation Army. Ladore offers more than 1,400 acres of pristine woodlands, trails and a 265-acre lake, located within the Moosic Mountain Range near Scranton, PA. Each year The Army is pleased to send groups and individuals to a variety of camps and retreats. Both young and old enjoy the programs offered at Ladore throughout the year. One yearly favorite is the kids’ music camp that takes place each July.

Community Thanksgiving Dinner

In recent years The Salvation Army of Centre County has collaborated with local churches to sponsor an annual Thanksgiving Eve dinner free to the community. The dinner provides a delicious meal and fellowship to all in need, including seniors, international community members and anyone else in need of a traditional family atmosphere during this wonderful time of year.

Harvestview Christian Fellowship

In light of The International Salvation Army’s mission, Harvestview Christian Fellowship is The Salvation Army of Centre County’s local commitment to emotional and spiritual care. Each Sunday and mid-week the local Corps of The Salvation Army provides programs to enrich the lives of youth, singles, young adults, and families of the community. All are welcome to participate. Programs include inspirational worship, Bible studies, children’s activities, support counseling, fellowship meals, as well as group outings and conferences.

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